Nicoletta Zarattini, Architektin
Nicoletta Zarattini in her office in Berlin

Style, color and clean lines: that's conscious design! The focus of Conscious Design is on the conscious combination of elegance, comfort and functionality

CONSCIOUS DESIGN is an individual office for interior architecture and interior design in Berlin with 15 years of experience in the premium segment. The founder Nicoletta Zarattini describes her style with simple elegance, in which color worlds, natural materials and selected decorative elements are used deliberately and subtly.


Interior Architecture

The spaces all around us shape us. At the same time, where we live reflects who we are.  It is therefore wise to make these spaces  harmonious and inspiring.  Our interior design concepts constitute not only an aesthetic balance between the dweller and his environment but also contribute to it.  This is done by combining energetic colours with natural elements and sustainable materials.

Planning includes:
Floor and furnishing plans, scale 1:50
Internal elevations, scale 1:50
Bathroom, kitchen and tiling plans, scale1:50 / 1:20
Drawings for built-in elements (wardrobes, cupboards, counters, etc), scale 1:20
Mood boards suggesting materials
Colour schemes
Decorative lighting plans

We work with the best craftsmen who will follow and implement plans meticulously

Colour Scheme Advice 

Do you enjoy colours but have doubts about which colours suit your personal environment best?We would be delighted to offer you a helping hand in deciding because nothing has a greater emotional impact  in a room than colours.  They are a mode  of individual expression and part of cultural identity. Following a preliminary discussion in situ of colour schemes based on a customised range of colours, you will be amazed how much vitality can be injected into your spaces.

Feng Shui Counselling

Quite apart from working with fashionable trends, to optimise spaces we also use the ancient teachings of Feng Shui, which have been practised  for millennia.  Our analysis is carried out in accordance with Lo Pan, I Ching and the Chinese calendar. This releases strong energising effects  latent in interior design actions through deliberate combinations of light, colour, forms, materials and plants. These components resonate directly with you, the dweller or user of these spaces. You will be aware of the change in your quality of life!


Nicoletta Zarattini studied architecture in Venice and Geneva. After graduating from the IUAV (Istituto Universitario di Architettura Venezia), she moved to Berlin to work in the office of O. M. Ungers. Since then she has been living and working in the German capital, without losing touch with Italy. Since the 2000s she has been passionately involved in interior design. After several years of collaboration with the most important furniture and interior design houses in Berlin, she chose the path of entrepreneurship and founded the office conscious design.